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Our vision at Refreshing Spring Church of God in Christ is to ignite and establish a passion in the hearts of men for the Word of God as the foundation for personal salvation and discipleship, to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Our History

During the early 1930s, Archie D. Headen was serving under the pastorate of the late Elder Booker in Steubenville, Ohio. It was there he accepted the great plan of salvation, and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. In 1935, he was called and commissioned by God to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. At that time, he was residing in Stirrat, West Virginia and employed as a coal miner. In August of 1938, the young Elder Headen moved from West Virginia seeking greener pastures. He finally settled in Washington, D.C. and joined with the late Elder Cannon of the Church of God in Christ.

In September 1939, Elder Headen was directed by God to take a streetcar to a heavily wooded section of northeast, known as Deanwood. Upon arriving in Deanwood, still being led of God as to what actions to take, he inquired of a woman passing by about a place to start a church. Initially, she balked at the request, but did inform Elder Headen about an available property on Lane Place, NE.  So in mid-September 1939, Pastor Headen opened the doors of Mt. Pisgah Church of God in Christ. For one entire year, Elder Headen worshiped alone – his prayer was, “Lord, send on.”

The Lord answered and many souls were added to the church. After God gave one of the members, Sister Cora Cash, a dream of the church as a filling station and a place of refreshing, Elder Headen was led to change the name of the church to “Refreshing Spring.” He was directed by God to build the first permanent church structure in the Washington, D.C. Jurisdiction, at 4407 Lee Street, NE. The anointing and power of God at work in the ministry soon became known all over the city. Many people came from far and near, from other churches, the young and old – all to get a spiritual drink from the “Refreshing Spring.” The membership outgrew the Deanwood church’s capacity and moved to a second location at 532 Eighth Street, NE, also called the “Upper Room.” Here, a weekly, Sunday afternoon radio broadcast was started, with the theme “Looking Up to Jesus.” Signs and wonders were common in the church, the sick were healed, the dead were raised, and the lost were saved. Soon, the church outgrew the Upper Room. The third place of worship was 1350 Maryland Avenue, NE, in the heart of Capitol Hill. Many looked forward to the radio broadcast, Elder Headen’s powerful preaching and the Refreshing Spring choirs. Saints from other churches would come from their services to Refreshing Spring, just to sit in on the broadcast. Elder Headen considered plans to expand at Maryland Avenue, but the Lord spoke to him and said, “this is not your rest.”

In 1976, Refreshing Spring moved to a fourth location at 6200 Riverdale Road in Riverdale, Maryland. Initially, it was unknown to the Refreshing Spring family at large that a new church home in Maryland had been secured. The Pastor called a special business meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, the saints were taken to a church in Riverdale. The saints thought that they were there to worship with another congregation, but were informed that “this is now your church.” Most of the members resided in the District; Maryland was unfamiliar territory. The community then was not very diverse and an all African-American congregation moving into a state-of -the-art edifice in Riverdale was big news. Once again Refreshing Spring made the local news and history. Moving into the former Riverdale Baptist Church, Refreshing Spring became the largest African-American Pentecostal church in the region. Over the years, Refreshing Spring continued to do God’s work and impact the community; establishing a bus ministry, clothing closet, homeless outreach and a special ministry to the local Vietnamese community.

Even as a young child, James Jordan, Jr. always had a special attachment to Pastor Headen; he would plead with his parents to go home with Pastor Headen every Sunday. Later as an adult Minister and Elder he served Elder Headen faithfully. He was even given an opportunity to become the Pastor of a Church in West Virginia, which he took with permission from Elder Headen.  When the Pastor of the church in West Virginia recovered from his illness and decided to resume his role as Pastor, Elder Jordan returned home. Pastor Headen let him know that it was Elder Jordan’s decision to leave and not his. Following his return to the Refreshing Spring Church of God in Christ, Pastor Headen appointed Elder Jordan as the Assistant Pastor.  In 1995, Founding Pastor Archie D. Headen went home to be with the Lord and Assistant Pastor James E. Jordan, Jr. was appointed Pastor.

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